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Updated: 20th February 2021 Written by / Poker News

2011 wsop november nineThe 2011 WSOP November Nine are the only players remaining in the World Series of Poker Main Event. These players will return for the 2011 WSOP Main Event final table in November where only one player will be crowned champion receiving a WSOP bracelet and $8,711,956 in cash for a first place finish.

The November Nine are Matt Giannetti, Badih Bou-Nahra, Eoghan O’Dea, Phil Collins, Anton Makiievskyi, Sam Holden, Pius Heinz, Ben Lamb, Martin Staszko.

2011 WSOP November Nine

world series of poker main event november nine

The 2011 WSOP November Nine have been announced, they will return for the World Series of Poker Main Event final table on 5th - 7th November 2011.

Martin Staszko
Country: Czech Republic
Stack: 40,175,000 chips
Info: 35 year-old poker pro

Eoghan O’Dea
Country: Ireland
Stack: 33,925,000 chips
Info: 26 year old poker pro

Matt Giannetti
Country: USA
Stack: 24,750,000 chips
Info: 26 year old poker pro.

Phil Collins
Country: USA
23,875,000 chips
Info: 26 year old poker pro.

Ben Lamb
Country: USA
Stack: 20,875,000 chips
Info: 2011 WSOP Player of the Year, 2011 WSOP bracelet

Badih Bou-Nahra
Country: Belize
Stack: 19,700,000 chips
Info: 49 year old businessman.

Pius Heinz
Country: Germany
Stack: 16,425,000 chips
Info: 22 year old (student & poker player) playing his first WSOP

Anton Makiievskyi
Country: Ukraine
Stack: 13,825,000 chips
Info: 21 year old poker player, playing first WSOP.

Sam Holden
Country: UK
Stack: 12,375,000 chips
Info: 22 year old poker player, playing first WSOP.

2011 WSOP Main Event Results

  1. Martin Staszko (Czech Republic)
  2. Eoghan O’Dea (Ireland)
  3. Matt Giannetti (USA)
  4. Phil Collins (USA)
  5. Ben Lamb (USA)
  6. Badih Bou-Nahra (Belize)
  7. Pius Heinz (Germany)
  8. Anton Makiievskyi (Ukraine)
  9. Sam Holden (UK)
  10. John Hewitt (Costa Rica)
  11. Khoa Nguyen (Canada)
  12. Bryan Devonshire (USA)
  13. Konstantinos Mamaliadis (South Africa)
  14. Scott Schwalich (USA)
  15. Andrey Pateychuk (Russia)
  16. Ryan Lenaghan (USA)
  17. Sam Barnhart (USA)
  18. Kenny Shih (Taiwan)
  19. Aleksandr Mozhnyakov (Russsia)
  20. Gionni Demers (USA)

2011 WSOP Wiki:

  1. 2011 November Nine consists of players from 7 different countries, making it the first final table in history with the most international players.
  2. First main event final tables for players from Belize, Czech Republic, Germany & Ukraine.
  3. ChipLeader Martin Staszko will start in November with the biggest stack followed by Eoghan O’Dea.
  4. Ben Lamb has pass Phil Hellmuth in points on the WSOP Player of the Year leader board.
  5. The WSOP Main Event Final Table takes place between the 5 - 7 November 2011.
  6. John Hewitt was eliminated by Eoghan O’Dea finishing in 10th place
  7. First place cash in the 2011 WSOP Main Event $8,711,956
  8. Final table takes place at the Rio in Las Vegas - Penn and Teller Theatre.


ESPN have been broadcasting live from the World Series of Poker with more footage than ever before. Fans can watch the final table live in November televised or streaming on the web.

  • 2011 WSOP Main Event Day 9 - continues with 9 players on 5th November 2011.
  • 2011 WSOP Main Event Day 10 - Heads-up with final two on 7th November 2011.

2011 WSOP Last Woman Standing

Every year the Last Woman Standing is always a topic of interest, this year Erika Moutinho was the last woman remaining in the Main Event finishing in 29th place, one position higher than her boyfriend David Sands who finished in 30th place.

Erika Moutinho was one of the 242 female poker players entering this years main event, Erika earned $242,636 for her 29th place finish.

World Series of Poker Main Event Entrants

The 2011 WSOP Main Event was the third biggest tournament in the history of the World Series of Poker with 6,844 players registering.

2006 WSOP Main Event (8,773 entrants)
2007 WSOP Main Event (6,358 entrants)
2008 WSOP Main Event (6,844 entrants)
2009 WSOP Main Event (6,494 entrants)
2010 WSOP Main Event (7,319 entrants)
2011 WSOP Main Event (6,865 entrants)

Another advantage is you will have a supply to understand how others are in exactly the same position as you.