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Updated: 17th November 2016 Written by / Poker News

2016 wsop winnings after taxWant to know what the 2016 WSOP Winnings After Tax looks like? players are taxed anywhere from 0% up to over 50% based on what Country or state they are from.

The 2016 WSOP November Nine players that live in the USA are taxed the most losing up to 50 percent of their winnings to the taxman.

Players based in other countries are not taxed more than 30% and in some case there is no tax on gambling winnings at all.

I'm sure the taxman was watching WSOP Main Event Final Table rubbing his hands and waiting for his cut of their winnings.

2016 WSOP Winnings After Tax

The real winner of the World Series of Poker Main Event was Kenny Hallaert from Belgium who does not have to pay any tax on his WSOP winnings. Hallaert who finished in 6th place actually earned more than Michael Ruane who finished in 4th place after tax.

Runner up Gordon Vayo was screwed over the most by tax with more than half his winnings (51.46%) taken from him by the taxman in California.

Now I'm glad that Vayo did not win the Main Event because the first place prize would have been taxed $4,119,532 just because of his location.

Player Country WSOP Payout Tax % Taxed Amount Actual Winnings
Qui Nguyen NV, USA $8,005,310 41.51 $3,324,157 $4,681,153
Gordon Vayo CA, USA $4,661,228 51.46 $2,398,800 $2,262,428
Cliff Josephy NY, USA $3,453,035 48.40 $1,674,568 $1,779,000
Michael Ruane NJ, USA $2,576,003 45.75 $1,178,525 $1,397,478
Vojtech Ruzicka Czech Republic $1,935,288 15 $290,293 $1,644,995
Kenny Hallaert Belgium $1,464,258 0 $0 $1,464,258
Griffin Benger Canada $1,250,190 30 $370,057 $875,133
Jerry Wong FL, USA $1,100,076 38.16 $419,776 $680,300
Fernando Pons Spain $1,000,000 45 $449,584 $550,416

Maybe players should consider living in another country or state before playing the World Series of Poker Main Event.

Regarding poker in Belgium, it's one of the few countries which actually allows poker and online poker to be played legally by it's citizens. Licensed and legal online poker sites in Belgium include the big three: PokerStars, 888poker and PartyPoker

Players from Belgium are not separated from the rest of the World like other regulated online poker sites ie: Spain, Italy and France.

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