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Founder of WinAllPoker Media, co-founder of Leslie works as an editor with regular article contributions to the site, bringing years of experience working in both land and sea based casino operations in managerial roles. Leslie is an avid poker player and a huge fan of the game many of us love.

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We have not included any USA poker rooms at this stage as many seem to be operating illegality or require US licensing.

888 Poker App ImprovementsAfter thoroughly testing out the 888 Poker App over a period of two weeks, I can say that overall I am highly impressed by the features the app offers which include the ability to play cash games and tournaments right from your mobile phone or tablet.

I highly recommend the 888 Poker App as it is among the top options for playing poker from your phone or mobile device, both real money and play money games can be used once you have created an account.

The 888 Poker App supports Android and iOS meaning that most new Samsung phones as well as iPhones and iPads are supported the only downside is that there is no 888 Poker Windows App so many Nokia and Microsoft phones are left in the dark for the time being.

The menu is simplistic and you can toggle between Standard Tournaments and Snap Poker via a tiny tab on the side of the screen.

The 888 Casino and Bet on Sports features can be accessed at the bottom of the page.

The Cashier, account details and App settings can be changed from the menus at the top of the page.

We have previously reviewed the 888 Poker App, so if you would like to know more about the app’s features please read that post.

I would like to move onto what can be improved in the 888 App.

888 Poker App Improvements

888-poker-down888 Poker is currently down once again, it appears that play on all servers for cash and tournaments is suspended and has been so for the last hour and counting.

Many were affected by an 888 Poker server crash as they were disconnected at the time of the crash and were unable to login thereafter.

When trying to login users were welcomed with a pop-up message stating: Unable to Connect, Please try again or contact member support.

We successfully logged in via the no download aka flash version of their software which seems to still be up and running but network traffic is down as play is suspended.

888 Poker App is Down
888 Poker Desktop version is Down
888 Poker Instant Play Up but play suspended.

No information about the crash is available yet and players have been reporting the issue on the 888poker forum.

The Tournaments show: "The Tournament has been paused due to network issues. Play will be resumed as soon as possible."

We recently posted about 888 Poker down a couple months ago and here. Post traffic on those pages surges when 888 goes down, so my guess is that 888Poker servers have crashed fairly often lately, possibly as a result of higher than expected traffic from freerolls and promotions.
888 Poker Down Network Issues

2015 WSOP Main Event Final November 9It's the time of the year once again when the WSOP champion for 2015 will be crowned after a long wait since the 15th of July when the November 9 finalists were determined.

This Sunday the 8th November, will see the 2015 WSOP November 9 finalists compete in the 2015 World Series of Poker Main Event Final with a live albeit slightly delayed (30 minutes) streaming TV feed from ESPN.

The televised coverage of the 2015 WSOP will span through from the 8th-10th November.

Hopefully on the 10th November a winner of the Main Event will be decided.

2015 WSOP Main Event

The buy in of this year's 2015 WSOP Main Event was $10,000 with a massive prize pool of $60,348,000 with only 9 players left in the running, all of which are guaranteed millionaires after the prizes are awarded.

2015 WSOP Prize Money Structure Main Event Final

1. $7,680,021
2. $4,469,171
3. $3,397,10
4. $2,614,558
5. $1,910,971
6. $1,426,072
7. $1,203,193
8. $1,097,009
9. $1,001,020

November 9 WSOP 2015 Finalists

• Zvi Stern (Israel) - 29,800,000
• Pierre Neuville (Belgium) - 21,075,000
• Josh Beckley (USA) - 10,800,000
• Max Steinberg (USA) - 20,200,000
• Thomas Cannuli (USA) - 12,250,000
• Joe McKeehen (USA) - 64,100,000
• Patrick Chan (USA) - 6,225,000
• Federico Butteroni (Italy) - 6,200,000
• Neil Blumenfield (USA) - 22,000,000

WSOP Main Event Final - November 9 Finalists 2015

888poker android app for mobile888Poker have released a full version of their 888 Poker Android app which allows players to play poker online using an Android device with along with their latest app.

Mobile Poker has become a huge market for many online poker rooms, recently PokerStars Mobile and Winner Poker App were also launched.

To get 888Poker Mobile on your phone, you must first sign-up for a free 888-Poker account.

Once your account has been created you can download 888 Poker Android app on your mobile phone or tablet.

888Poker bonus - 100% first deposit bonus up to $400*

* Terms & Conditions Apply to all 888 Poker bonus codes and offers, for current terms and conditions click the banner ad.

Download 888 Poker Android888-Poker-Android

Download 888 Poker iPhone / iPad888 Poker iPhone + iPad Download worldwide

888 Poker iPad - UK Version only download

Download 888Poker PC version

888 Poker Android App for Mobile Phones and Tablets