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Updated: 8th October 2015 Written by / Promotion Poker

common cents tournamentsThe Common Cents tournaments are a new series of tournaments on PokerStars with insanely low buy-ins from just $0.01 and over $250,000 in guaranteed prize pools.

The micro-stakes tournament series runs for one week only and is scheduled to take place between 5-11 October. There are two tournaments taking place daily during the promotional dates.

The first event in the Common Cents tournament series features a massive $100K guaranteed prize, don't miss out on your chance to score big cashes for the lowest buy-ins.

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Common Cents Tournaments PokerStars

For just a few cents you could play for more than $250K guaranteed in the Common Cents tournaments running for one week only on PokerStars. The Common Cents Kick-Off tournament is the first event in the series, it features a $100,000 guaranteed prize pool for a buy-in of just $0.01.

For even more added value there will be a common cents tournament leaderboard with an extra $1,000 in cash for the top 100 places based on players performance through the week long poker series. Earn leaderboard points by finishing in the top 40% of the playing field

During the first hour of each tournament 500 players will be randomly selected and issued free tournament tickets to the Common Cents Main Event to play for a $25,000 guaranteed prize pool.

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Common Cents Tournament Schedule

Common Cents tournaments take place at the times listed below.

Tournament Date Time Buy-in Prize Pool
Common Cents Kick-Off 5 October 14:05 $100,000
Common Cents 02 5 October 15:00 11¢ $2,500
Common Cents 03 6 October 12:00 22¢ $5,000
Common Cents 04 6 October 15:00 22¢ $5,000
Common Cents 05 7 October 12:00 33¢ $7,500
Common Cents 06 7 October 15:00 33¢ $7,500
Common Cents 07 8 October 12:00 44¢ $10,000
Common Cents 08 8 October 15:00 44¢ $10,000
Common Cents 09 9 October 12:00 55¢ $12,500
Common Cents 10 9 October 15:00 55¢ $12,500
Common Cents 11 10 October 12:00 66¢ $15,000
Common Cents 12 10 October 15:00 77¢ $17,500
Common Cents 13 11 October 12:00 88¢ $20,000
Common Cents Main Event 11 October 15:00 99¢ $25,000

Register for these events in the PokerStars lobby by searching for Common Cents and you'll find all the scheduled events.

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