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Updated: 10th June 2011 Written by / Poker News, Promotion Poker

Doyles room beat the brunsonsDoyles Room have introduced their latest family bounty tournament called Beat The Brunsons knock out the whole family and win $100,000.

Any player that you eliminate in the tournament pays $5 instantly if it happens to be someone from the Brunson family you will get a special bounty reward up to $1000 DoylesRoom bonus code WAP gets you 110% up to $550.

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Beat The Brunsons - $100,000 Bounty Challenge
Date: Every Monday at 21:30 ET
Buy in: $10+1
Starting Chips: 2000
No Limit Hold Em
Late Registration: 15 minutes

Buy-in directly for just $10+1 or satellite your your way to the event for half the buy in by winning a $5.50+.55 heads-up match or enter the daily feeder tournaments for $1.10+.11.

Doyle Brunson Todd Brunson Pamela Brunson Ken Brunson Anjela Brunson
Tex_Dolly Todd_Brunson Queen_Kitty Tex_Ken Russian_Chick
$1000 $500 $500 $250 $250

The very first Beat The Brunsons bounty tournament takes place on 30th March 2009 at 21:30  ET

You can find the tournament in the Doyles Room lobby:

Direct buyin: $10+1

  • Tournaments - Scheduled - Beat The Brunsons

Bounty Satellite: from $1.10+.11

  • Tournaments - Satellite - Beat The Brunsons

Additional bounty prizes include a free copy of Doyle Brunson's bestselling books if he manages to personally knock you out. If there is a showdown between any Brunson family member and they knock another family member out the tournament the whole table will get their buy-in back, knockout Doyle Brunson with 10 and 2 as your hole cards and get $5,000, the tournament winner will receive $500 worth of Doyles Casino tokens. Instant $5 player knockout for any player you knock out of the tournament.

DoylesRoom minimum deposit: (Credit Card $30) or (Moneybookers, Neteller $50)

Since moving to Cake Network Doyles Room now accepts real money US Players

Doyles Room promotional code WAP

Download DoylesRoomDownload Doyles Room

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