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 - Full Tilt Poker Academy - Full Tilt Poker Academy host their monthly $5,000 Sit-N-Learn Freeroll tournament, Full Tilt Poker players can earn while they learn from the pros at the poker academy. Watch the pro poker video lessons and answer the Sit-N-Learn Full Tilt Poker quiz to rank in the Academy leaderboard and learn valuable poker lessons from Team Full Tilt Poker.

Create a FullTilt Poker account for a free to access the Poker Academy pro challenges and lessons.

Download Full Tilt Poker - Download Full Tilt Poker -

Full Tilt Poker Academy $5000 Freeroll - Full Tilt Poker Academy -

Each month FullTilt Poker players can login to the Full Tilt Poker Academy and participate in the interactive Sit-N-Learn quiz, All players who rank in high positions on the leaderboard will automatically qualify for the $5,000 Monthly FTPA Sit-N-Learn Freeroll.

If you are new to Full Tilt Poker you can join for free and still qualify for the monthly Poker Academy freeroll tournament which has a $5000 prize pool.

  1. Download Full Tilt Poker
  2. Create New Account
  3. Login to Full Tilt Poker Academy
  4. Watch the video lessons and test your knowledge.
  5. Rank in the leaderboards to qualify for the freeroll

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Full Tilt Poker Academy Sit-N-Learn

The pros have created a bunch of poker lessons, you can choose from many tips and poker strategies to help improve weak areas in your poker game. We highly recommend these pro poker lessons to all players from beginner to advance level poker players.

Learn how to play poker from the pros in these Sit-N- Learn poker video lessons

  • Chris Ferguson - Poker Pre-Flop Play
  • Chris Ferguson - Poker Bankroll Management
  • Gus Hansen - Controlling the Poker Table
  • Eric Froehlich - Playing Micro Stakes Poker
  • Ryan Daut - Value Betting Poker
  • Brandon Adams - Pot Limit Omaha: Pitfalls & Possibilities
  • Allen Cunningham - Medium-Stack Play
  • Aaron Bartley - Sit & Gos By The Numbers
  • Erick Lindgren - The Final Table Poker
  • Aaron Bartley - Middle Stages of Sit & Gos
  • Bill Edler - Interpreting Bet Sizes
  • Paul Wasicka - Heads-Up Poker Tips
  • Michael Craig - Turbo Tournaments
  • Michael Gracz - Rebuy Tournaments Revealed
  • Howard Lederer - Mastering the Bubble
  • Howard Lederer - Betting Basics
  • Taylor Caby - Online Tells Poker
  • Bill Edler - The Power of Position
  • Andy Bloch - Tournament Checklist
  • Andy Bloch - Math Made Easy
  • Phil Gordon - 5 Common Hold 'em Leaks
  • Phil Gordon - Six Tips for the Serious Beginner
  • Phil Gordon - Poker Game Selection
  • Phil Gordon - Mathematical Shortcuts
  • Jennifer Harman - Sizing Up Opponents
  • Roy Winston - Five Strange Tournament Plays
  • Robert Williamson III - Bluffing in Pot Limit Omaha

Once you have completed the poker theory from the Sit-N-Learn lessons you can accept the pro challenge and earn Academy credits for completing the tasks in the challenge. Academy credits can be used to purchase Full Tilt poker merchandise from the academy store.

Full Tilt Poker Commercial

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