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Updated: 20th October 2016 Written by / Online Poker Tournaments

high five tournament seriesThe High Five Tournament Series runs between October 19th - 23rd at Americas Cardroom, the series features five daily events over five days.

Play for your piece of the $977,500 in total guaranteed prize pools with a range of online poker tournaments to suit players of all levels.

ACR Poker has become the leader in online poker in the USA, since Bovada Poker is no longer available.

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High Five Tournament Series ACR

The High Five Tournament Series is currently underway with twenty-five poker events running over the next five days October 19th - 23rd, 2016.

The schedule is jam-packed with a variety of PLO & NL poker tournaments including: regular, re-buys, add-ons, turbos, mega stack hyper turbos and knockout tournaments.

The featured event of the series is the Main Event which offers a $420,000 guarantee for a buy-in of $420. You may have noticed the reference to 420 which should be appealing to the stoner poker players. The High Five series will even take a 10 minute break at 4:20pm so those players may have sometime for their daily ritual before continuing play.

High Five Main Event
Date: Sunday, October 23rd, 2016
Time: 4:00pm ET
Prize Pool: $420,000 Guaranteed

The winner of the High Five Main Event will also receive an engraved Sterling Silver Bracelet for their achievement on top of the prize money.

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High Five Tournament Schedule

Date Time (ET) Event Guarantee Buy in Type
OCT 19th 3:30pm 1 $20,000 $20+$2 5 HR LR
OCT 19th 5:30pm 2 $10,000 $15+$1.50 Regular
OCT 19th 7:00pm 3 $20,000 $40+$4 Regular
OCT 19th 8:15pm 4 $50,000 $500+$30 Regular
OCT 19th 9:15pm 5 $2,000 $5+$0.25 Hyper Mega Stack
OCT 20th 3:00pm 6 $3,000 $3+$0.30 Rebuys/Addon
OCT 20th 5:00pm 7 $15,000 $80+$8 PLO
OCT 20th 7:00pm 8 $60,000 $300+$20 Regular
OCT 20th 8:00pm 9 $10,000 $10+$1 Rebuys/Addon 6 Max
OCT 20th 9:30pm 10 $15,000 $60+$3 Mega Stack Hyper
OCT 21st 3:30pm 11 $30,000 $50+$5 6-Max 5 HR LR
OCT 21st 5:00pm 12 $20,000 $40+$4 Regular
OCT 21st 8:00pm 13 $40,000 $200+$15 Regular
OCT 21st 8:30pm 14 $7,500 $15+$1 Mega Stack Turbo
OCT 21st 9:00pm 15 $3,000 $7+$0.70 4 Max
OCT 22nd 3:30pm 16 $5,000 $10+$0.50 Hyper Mega Stack
OCT 22nd 5:00pm 17 $12,000 $60+$6 6 Max NLO8 KO
OCT 22nd 7:00pm 18 $30,000 $150+$10 6-Max KO
OCT 22nd 8:00pm 19 $20,000 $30+$3 Regular
OCT 22nd 9:00pm 20 $5,000 $10+$1 Regular
OCT 23rd 1:30pm 21 $10,000 $5+$0.50 5 HR LR
OCT 23rd 2:00pm 22 $100,000 $100+$9 5 HR LR
OCT 23rd 4:00pm 23 $420,000 $420+$35 Main
OCT 23rd 5:00pm 24 $30,000 $60+$6 6 Max
OCT 23rd 8:00pm 25 $40,000 $100+$9 Megastack Turbo

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