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Updated: 6th February 2015 Written by / Promotion Poker

party poker valentine missionThere will be a Party Poker Valentine Mission available to players between February 1st-15th, 2015 with up to $50 in bonuses to be won.

Get a $5 bonus for each mission completed, an extra $30 bonus is added for completing all five simple Party Poker missions.

Players must opt-in for the Valentine theme poker promotion and unlock the bonuses by completing the mission objectives playing real money poker games on PartyPoker.

Party Poker Bonus Codes
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Party Poker Valentine Mission

party poker valentine mission bonusThe Party Poker Valentine Mission features the five stage of love which are missions that players can complete to unlock up to $50 in PartyPoker bonuses. Each mission unlocks a $5 bonus and and extra $30 bonus is paid-out for completing all five party poker missions.

Download Party Poker software for PC or get the Party Poker App for your mobile device. New players can sign-up and get up to $500 bonus when making a first deposit.

See the mission objectives below each has three simple tasks to claim a bonus up to $50.

Party Poker Valentine Mission 1 - The Beginning

  1. Get Dealt Jack & King Of Hearts on fastfoward
  2. Play any bounty tournament
  3. Win a SNG game

Party Poker Valentine Mission 2 - The Commitment

  1. Play at least 25 poker hands on the fastforward tables
  2. Play a SNG game daily for two days
  3. Win to showdown with Pocket Queens

Party Poker Valentine Mission 3 - The Engagement

  1. Win the hand to showdown with Hole Cards 69 of Hearts.
  2. Play a Party Poker Major tournament
  3. Win cash in any multi-table partypoker tournament.

Party Poker Valentine Mission 4 - The Resignation

  1. Fold any poker hand playing real money games.
  2. Check any poker hand on the real money tables.
  3. Lose with Pocket Queens to showdown.

Party Poker Valentine Mission 5 - The END

  1. Get dealt the ultimate bad beat and lose with Pocket Aces
  2. Fail to cash in any SNG 6-max game.
  3. Go all-in on any poker hand

Opt-in for the promotion by in the lobby under the missions tab. The partypoker bonuses are available to players once completing a mission, the bonus is released in 10 part increments of the bonus amount.

Bonuses are valid for thirty days, each $5 bonus requires players to earn 30 PartyPoints to release the entire bonus. To release the $30 bonus players must earn 180 PartyPoints playing real money poker games.

Party Poker bonus codes

Download Party Poker and use the relevant codes below to claim your first deposit bonus.

PartyPoker bonus codes Party Poker Bonus Party Poker Download Country
WAPBIG 100% up to $500 Worldwide
EUROPOKER 100% up to €320 Europe
WAPGB 100% up to £250 UK
PARTYES 100% up to €500 Spain
FRANCEEURO 200% up to €200 France
ITALIA200 100% up to €400 Italy

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