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Updated: 27th June 2011 Written by / Promotion Poker

partypoker world dominationDominate the World and win big on Party Poker, in the new global poker challenge. Similar to the popular board game of Risk, players must collect cities by earning Party Points in this promotion. Collect all 72 cities for World domination and win $100,000.

The PartyPoker World Domination promotion runs from 8th July - 31st August 2011, players can win cash prizes and entry into Party Poker freeroll tournaments.

Party Poker bonus codes

WAPBIG – 100% deposit bonus up to $500
EUROPOKER – 100% sign-up bonus to €320
WAPGB – 100% welcome bonus up to £250

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Party Poker World Domination

Ready to take on the World at Online Poker? The PartyPoker World Domination promotion let's you conquer the World City by City. Start conquering the World one city at a time, the World Domination promotion runs from 8 July - 31st August 2011

Party Poker have added five continents, 18 Countries and 72 Cities, players can collect cities one by one by earning Party Points, collect all 72 cities for World Domination. Players can conquer a random city by earning 10 PartyPoints, to get started players need to only earn 5 Points for the first city, players can collect up to 100 cities per day.

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PartyPoker bonus codes

WAPBIG – 100% first deposit bonus up to $500
EUROPOKER – 100% sign-up bonus to €320
WAPGB – 100% bonus up to £250

PartyPoker World Domination

Start conquering cities around the World and win prizes on PartyPoker, here are the 72 cities waiting to be conquered.


Germany Berlin Munich Dusseldorf Hamburg
Poland Warsaw Krakow Poznan Lublin
France Paris Marseille Lyon Nice
England London Manchester Liverpool Liverpool
Russia Moscow Saint Petersburg Novosibirsk Samara
Italy Rome Venice Milan Naples
Sweden Stockholm Gothenburg Malmö Uppsala

South America

Argentina Buenos Aires Córdoba Rosario Mar del Plata
Brazil Brasilia São Paulo Rio de Janeiro Florianópolis
Colombia Bogota Medellin Cali Cacuta

North America

Canada Ottawa Toronto Montreal Vancouver
USA New York Los Angeles Chicago Miami
Mexico Mexico City Guadalajara Monterrey Tijuana


Japan Tokyo Osaka Yokohama Nagoya
China Shanghai Beijing Hong Kong Shenzen
India Mumbai Delhi Bangalore Hyderabad


Australia Canberra Sydney Melbourne Perth
New Zealand Wellington Auckland Christchurch Tauranga

Party Poker World Domination Prizes

Win cash prizes for dominating a continent collect all the Countries and cities from one continent and win the following cash prizes:

Continent City Prize
World Domination 72 Cities $100,000
Europe 28 Cities $20,000
North America 12 Cities $15,000
South America 12 Cities $10,000
Asia 12 Cities $5,000
Ocania 8 Cities $5,000

Party Poker Domination Country Prizes

Collect all the Cities for one country and win the following cash prizes:

Country Prize
Canada $1,500
Germany $1,500
Poland $1,200
USA $1,100
France $1,000
Australia $1,000
Argentina $1,000
Brazil $750
New Zealand $750
England $750
Colombia $500
Japan $450
Russia $400
Mexico $250
Italy $250
China $150
Sweden $100
India $75

Party Poker Domination City Prizes

Win cash and freeroll entries for collecting the following cities:

City Prize
Berlin $20
Paris $15
Ottawa $10
London $8
Shanghai $5
Canberra $4
Buenos Aires $3
New York $2
Warsaw $1
Hamburg $10k Freeroll
Hyderabad $8k Freeroll
Mar del Plata $7k Freeroll
Perth $6k Freeroll
Miami $5k Freeroll
Naples $4k Freeroll
Newcastle $3k Freeroll
Tijuana $2k Freeroll
Vancouver $1k Freeroll

Party Poker World Domination Freerolls take place between 2-6 September 2011, qualifying players will be notified by email. Players may only win entry into one of the online poker freerolls, any additional entries won will be given 5 Party Points per entry.

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