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Updated: 6th February 2015 Written by / Poker News

partypoker fastforwardPartyPoker Fastforward Daily Dash is a leaderboard race where players must earn as many partypoints within 24hrs playing on the Fastforward poker tables.

Win cash prizes for ranking in the top positions on two separate fastforward leaderboards based on your loyalty level.

The Fastforward Daily Dash promotion runs from 8th - 15th February, with $30K in cash prizes to be won.

The Party Poker Valentine Mission is also underway and offers players up to $50 in bonus for completing the simple PartyPoker missions.

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PartyPoker Fastforward Daily Dash

Fastforward poker is the action-packed fast fold poker game from PartyPoker which is also now available as fastforward poker app special edition which is compatible with mobiles and tablets.

PartyPoker Fastforward Daily Dash, players can win their share of the daily cash prizes by ranking in the top 250 positions of the fastforward leaderboards, earn partypoints playing fastforward poker games on the PC client or fastforward poker app to qualify.

New players can sign-up and get a first deposit bonus up to $500, the party poker minimum deposit is only $10.

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Fastforward Daily Dash Leaderboards

The fastforward leaderboards payout daily cash prizes based on the players Party Poker loyalty level and leaderboard ranking. The leaderboards are split into two categories based on loyalty levels either (Bronze/Silver) or (Gold/VIP). Each leaderboard has different position payouts and cash prizes in the PartyPoker Fastforward Daily Dash promotion.

Bronze and Silver Leaderboard

Ranking Prize
1 $250
2 $100
3 $50
4 $25
5-10 $15
11-20 $10
21-50 $6
51-100 $4
101-250 $2

Gold & VIP Leaderboard

Ranking Prize
1 $500
2 $250
3 $150
4 $100
5-10 $60
11-20 $40
21-30 $30
31-50 $20

Only points earned playing fastforward poker are valid for the players leaderboard ranking. PartyPoker Fastforward Daily Dash prizes are paid-out within 24 hours and will be available to claim from the bonus section in the partypoker lobby.

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