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Updated: 8th May 2010 Written by / Poker News

Poker Stars test out the latest Nintendo Wii poker game Excitebots: Trick Racing which is actually a racing game which includes various sport challenges including poker. Nintendo gathered some of the world best poker players to challenge their skills in a totally different poker format.

PokerStars pro Daniel Negreanu and Full Tilt Poker pros Gavin Smith and Eric Lindgren, and Bodog Poker pro Evelyn Ng take on the challenge to see who will win the Main Event bracelet.

The four Poker pros, who are really competitive, take the Nintendo Wii Excitebots: Trick Racing challenge very seriously as they compete for the Main Event bracelet. The challenge was split into four elimination events where the loser of each round being eliminated until there are only two player left in the final heads-up event.

The event was filmed in a very entertaining manner at Daniel Negreanu house and shows just how competitive poker pros are when competing against each other. Watch the poker pros race around the track collecting cards along the way to complete the best poker hands and win the race.

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Points are awarded when completing hands

Pair: 5 points
Two Pair: 12 points
Three of a kind: 5 points
Straight: 30 points
Flush: 31 points
Full House: 32 points
Four of a Kind: 75 points
Straight Flush: 100 points
Royal Flush: 150 points

Although Excitebots: Trick Racing is mainly a racing game it incorporates many sport side games like Soccer, Bowling, Darts and Poker plus additional Clown and Sandwich modes. Up to 6 players can compete online using a Wii Wheel or the standard Wii remote. Excitebots was released on the 20th April 2009 for the Wii console and is sure to be a hit with poker players this year, especially if you enjoy poker and racing games.

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