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Updated: 3rd June 2021 Written by / Poker News

Tony G vs Phil Hellmuth TriathlonTony G and Phil Hellmuth are set to compete against each other but not on the poker table as you would expect, but rather in their own form of made up triathlon.

The triathlon will be made up of three events including Swimming (50m freestyle and 50 meters backstroke), Basketball (10 3 pointers) and Running 1 mile (difference in time accumulated to be added to looser at that stage).

The event is sponsored by WPT - World Poker Tour in the run up to the Malta leg of the tour.

The bets will be finalized with more information to be released nearer the time of the event.

Tony G vs Phil Hellmuth

Phil Hellmuth and Tony G are always at each other making jokes and teasing one another while on the poker tables making for entertaining television, their triathlon will surely be a laugh.

Let’s just hope that Hellmuth can resist a blow out when the event takes place in Malta.

Event 1 Phil Hellmuth vs Tony G Basketball

Event 2 Phil Hellmuth vs Tony G Swimming

Event 3 Phil Hellmuth vs Tony G Running

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