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Updated: 10th December 2013 Written by / Online Poker Tournaments

bovada guaranteed holiday tournamentsBovada have added 20 guaranteed poker tournaments to the schedule for Boxing Day and New Years Day with more than $180k in prizes pools.

The Guaranteed Holiday tournaments will have satellite tournaments running from 16 - 31 December, play your way into the events for a fraction of the buy-in.

Canadian and USA poker players will get their fair share of the tournament prize pools this Holiday Season on Bodog & Bovada Poker.

The Holiday Gift Grab promotion will also be running, players can win a Sony PS4, iPad mini or cash every week plus cash bonuses.

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Bovada Guaranteed Holiday Tournaments

Get your share of $180K in guaranteed prize pools running on two days Boxing Day and New Years Day. Holidays are meant for relaxing, spending time with the family and catching up on your favourite activities.

Poker players based in Canada or the USA will have some decent online poker tournaments to play to fill their holidays with even more joyful prize pools.

With the Christmas rush over, Boxing day will be the perfect time to catch up on your poker game or start your next year with a bang at Bodog or Bovada.

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Bovada Boxing Day Tournaments

Let your Christmas lunch settle and relax on Boxing day (26 December) with the first series of guaranteed tournaments, there is more than $75k in prize pools on offer.

Satellite tournaments are available from as little as $0.22, don't miss out on all the action at Bovada and Bodog Poker.

Tournament Time ET Buy-in
Boxing Day $1,000 Gtd (Power Hour Turbo) Event 13:14 $1 + $0.10
Boxing Day $4,000 Gtd ($5 Knockout SS) Event 14:14 $15 + $1.50
Boxing Day $15,000 Gtd (SS) Event 15:14 $55 + $5
Boxing Day $3,000 Gtd (DS) Event 16:14 $5 + $0.50
Boxing Day $5,000 Gtd (Super Knockout DS) Event 17:14 $30 + $3
Boxing Day $20,000 Gtd ($50 Knockout SS) Event 18:14 $150 + $12
Boxing Day $10,000 Gtd (DS) Event 19:14 $10 + $1
Boxing Day $8,000 Gtd (10K Chips 10-Min Levels) Event 20:14 $20 + $2
Boxing Day $2,000 Gtd (Turbo SS) Event 21:14 $7 + $0.70
Boxing Day $7,000 Gtd (Turbo SS) Event 22:14 $40 + $4

Bovada New Years Day Tournaments

Start the New Year with 10 guaranteed poker tournaments with more than $100k in prize pools scheduled for the 1st January 2014.

Satellite tournaments will also be available for each event so start playing for your seat from 16th December.

Tournament Time ET Buy-in
New Years Day $4,000 Gtd (Turbo Rebuy) Event 13:14 $2 + $0.20
New Years Day $6,000 Gtd ($5 Knockout DS) Event 14:14 $20 + $2
New Years Day $2,014 Gtd (DS) Event 15:14 $3 + $0.30
New Years Day $15,000 Gtd (SS) Event 16:14 $10 + $1
New Years Day $30,000 Gtd (Turbo SS) Event 17:14 $100 + $9
New Years Day $3,000 Gtd (SS) Event 18:14 $5 + $0.50
New Years Day $14,000 Gtd (Rebuy) Event 19:14 $14 + $1.40
New Years Day $20,014 Gtd (SS) Event 20:14 $200 + $15
New Years Day $5,000 Gtd (DS) Event 21:14 $30 + $3
New Years Day $10,000 Gtd (Turbo 14K Chips) Event 22:14 $50 + $5

Register for these event or satellite tournaments by clicking on Special Tournaments in either the Bovada Poker or Bodog Poker lobby.

Please note that this promotion is only available to USA poker players on Bovada or Canadian players on Bodog Poker.

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