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fast fold pokerFast Fold Poker games have become increasing popular with online poker players and there are many poker sites which offer the game as a regular feature on their poker software.

Fast fold poker has revolutionized the game of poker and provides more action than regular cash games and tournaments. Players get to play up to 400 poker hands within an hour and there is less time sitting around waiting for a playable hand.

Another great feature of these Fast Fold Poker games is that it is almost impossible for players to read your playing style as each new hand will be on a different table up against a pool of random players.

It also suits players of all poker playing styles with aggressive players able to steal pots but not knowing who they are up against and tight players waiting for the right opportunity to play their best hands.

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win cake fast fold pokerWin Cake have launched their Fast Fold Poker game with the latest release of their software, play more poker hands in less time with the addition of the fast fold button.

Players will waste less time waiting for hands to be played out and can instead fold their hand instantly and move to a new table for their next hand.

Fast Fold Poker guarantees more action than the standard poker cash game format, this is one of the few versions of the new poker game that is available to US players.

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snap poker 888poker888poker are soon to release a new fast fold poker game called Snap Poker. The new action-packed game is still in the testing phases a beta version has been released by 888Poker.

The new game will be similar to Rush Poker, Zoom Poker, Fastforward Poker, Zone Poker and Speed Poker which are available from other poker sites .

Snap Poker on 888poker was the only feature that the poker room lacked to be equal with competitor poker rooms in terms of technology.

888Poker have kept up with the latest trends and technology with Snap Poker soon to be released on the next 888 poker software update. 888Poker Snap Poker is available in cash games and tournament format.

UPDATE: Snap Poker is being introduced to new players that have signed up after the 9th October 2013. Download Snap Poker

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online poker anonymous socialOnline poker seems to be heading in two separate directions, anonymous or social.

Poker sites like PartyPoker, Bwin and 888Poker have adapted a social approach to the game while US poker site Bovada have anonymous poker tables only.

The new PartyPoker software has features similar to Zyngapoker where players can unlock achievements and earn rewards while they play poker online.

888Poker were one of the first poker sites to go social with webcam poker tables, private poker tournaments and a social poker site my.888poker.

Bovada is currently the most popular USA poker site, all poker tables are anonymous with players represented by a seat number instead of a screen name.

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golden spade poker openThe Golden Spade Poker Open is a series of online poker tournament with over $1.5Million in guaranteed prize pools spread across 102 events.

The GSPO series kicks off at Bovada and Bodog from the 21 September until 3 November 2013.

Tournaments range from low-mid stakes in the Contender Series and mid-high stakes poker tournaments in the Championship Series.

Thousands of satellite tournaments will be available throughout the series, qualify for a fraction of the direct buy-in.

The Golden Spade Poker Open is limited to USA players on Bovada and Bodog Poker for Canadian poker players.

Bovada is currently the most popular USA poker site and offers anonymous poker tables and a fast fold poker variant called Zone Poker.

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