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Updated: 8th May 2010 Written by / Poker News

world-series of pokerIn the 40 years of the WSOP there has always been a top heavy payout structure which paid the top places really well. In fact the first few main events of the World Series of Poker only paid first place leaving runners up with nothing.

Being the biggest live event in the history of poker, the payout structure made it almost impossible for poker players to finish in the money in the WSOP Main Event. This year the WSOP payout structure will be very similar to what the online poker rooms use.

Despite several complaints from the poker pros about the 2009 WSOP payout structure it does seems fair to even out the payments to those finishing in the money. The changes aren't really that drastic just more refined as an example last years winner Peter Eastgate would have received $8.7 million for his first place finish instead of $9.1 million. In doing so, those who made it to the final 12 would have earned over a million for their efforts instead of only the top 8 places.

Jack Effel, The World Series of Poker tournament director, has slowly been correcting the payout structure over the last four years with the help of Barry Greenstein and Adam Schwartz.

Back in the old days of the WSOP, first place was the only paying position although final table deal making did take place behind closed doors, it was then later changed to 1st place 50%, 2nd place 20% with 3rd place getting 10% of the overall prize pool.

The WSOP 2009 will payout 12-15% of the prize pool for first place, flattening the payouts so anyone finishing in the money will receive a better payout. This structure is similar to what online poker players are used to when playing tournaments online. The WSOP 2009 new payout structure will certainly attract more players to enter and hopefully there will be more entrants in the WSOP main event.

WSOP 2009 Updates

WSOP 2009 payout

Buy-in: $10,000

  1. $8,546,435
  2. $5,200,000
  3. $3.500.000
  4. $2.500.000
  5. $1,953,452
  6. $1,587,160
  7. $1,404,014
  8. $1,300,228
  9. $1,263,602

WSOP 2009 Final Table Results

Past WSOP Payout Structures

2008 World Series of Poker (Event 54)
Buy-in: $10,000
Prize Pool: $64,431,779
Entrants: 6,844

1st - $9,152,416
2nd - $5,809,595
3rd - $4,517,773
4th - $3,774,974
5th - $3,096,768
6th - $2,418,562
7th - $1,772,650
8th - $1,288,217
9th - $900,670
10th-12th - $591,869
13th-15th - $463,201
16th-18th - $334,534
19th-27th - $257,334

2007 World Series of Poker (Event 55)
Buy-in: $10,000
Prize Pool: $59,784,954
Entrants: 6,358

1st - $8,250,000
2nd - $4,840,981
3rd - $3,048,025
4th - $1,852,721
5th - $1,255,069
6th - $956,243
7th - $705,229
8th - $585,699
9th - $525,934
10th-12th - $476,926
13th-15th - $429,114
16th-18th - $381,302
19th-27th - $333,490

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